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Monday, February 2nd, 2009
2:29 pm
Last night I was supposed to be at Megan's babysitting her kids. Mom comes and knocks on the door shortly after Megan and Jerry come home. The bitch drags me to "College Night". Hehehe, see this is the fucking funny part. Megan's house is the only, ONLY, place in the world where I am EVER happy, other than that I'm numb or pissed or hacking at my wrists. Confidentially, I wish I was born a Baxter. So, Mom dragged me away from my only happy place to go to college night, knowing quite well that I didn't want to do. In fact, I stated so, many times. Every time I did, I got this lecture about how I need to plan for my future... Guess what bitch!!! I don't have a future!! NOT AFTER LAST NIGHT!!! We got to the school and the auditorium was filled with parents and kids. (*Side note: See, originally, "College Night" was for the parents. JUST for the parents, because the kids in the school had the same speech the next day. I probably should have mentioned that to the bitch before she manhandled me.*) Thirty minutes into hearing about my nonexistent future I bailed and sat on the concessions counter and read the entire two hours until the gathering was over. When it was, the parents and kids came streaming out, and my "mother" was pissed. She hobbled right up to me and said,:
"You're such an embarrassment!"
Becca: ...Okay ...*confused* ...Whatever *pissed* *walked away down the hall*
The bitch: "REBECCA, WAIT!! DON'T DO THIS!! DON'T BE SUCH A BITCH!!" Screamed right in the middle of the hall.
Becca: "FUCK YOU!!" *walks away toward main doors* *gets outside and turns to see the bitch grab Becca by the hoodie*
The bitch: *somehow throws all of her weight into whirling Becca around and shoving her into the brick pillars out by the front doors* "YOU EMBARRASSED ME!! EVERYONE WAS LOOKING AT ME LIKE I WAS AN IDIOT BECAUSE MY CHILD WASN'T THERE!! DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! GOD, YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH!! YOU NEVER THINK OF ANYONE BUT YOURSELF!! I'm going to have you fucking committed! I don't want to deal with you anymore! You know what just drop out! Go live under your bridge! I DON'T WANT YOU IN MY HOUSE!!"
Becca: *pissed* *walks toward the car* Yeah, Bitch, you are an idiot!
The bitch: "Don't get in my car!" *only unlocks driver's side*
Becca: *trys to open door, fails* *looks inside, the bitch is smiling* *walks toward front doors with all the intention of calling Jerry or Cynthia and Dave to pick her up*
Becca: *smirk* *walks to car* *gets in*
The bitch: "You know, I was going to take you out to dinner, but you don't deserve it!!
*drive home* *Bitch's still yelling*
That's the extent of it.

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Sunday, December 30th, 2007
1:05 am
Thief in the doors
Tonight I was suddenly struck with the urge to check the place I stashed my Christmas money. I was right. Dad had ransack my room while I was at work and had stolen it. This is after him listening for weeks as I talked about what I was going to buy with any money I was given for Christmas (I'm wanting something that will hopefully make my skills more marketable once I graduate).

He says he'll pay me back next week plus some. I'm trying to remain calm and collected. I know that flying off the handle won't make me feel better.

He's done it before. Please don't respond that I need to move out (I tried and was then used and stolen from by my roommate to the point that I was forced to return) or I should have put it in the bank. I hid the money (and honestly forgot to take it with me to the bank yesterday when I went to deposit my paycheck). But since I've been pulling 10 hr shifts at work during the holiday rush, he's had ample time this week to search my room at leisure.

I can't express how worthless this makes me feel.

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Sunday, March 4th, 2007
1:53 pm
Mother "Dearest"
My parents had been using the same desktop that we've had since I was in six grade (I'm now a freshmen in college...) and it finally gave out. My dad knew that I was thinking about getting a laptop, so we made a deal. I give them my current desktop (Which I had just gotten last November) and he'd buy me a laptop. Well, now that they have my computer I'm realizing how computer illiterate my parents truly are... (Granted, I can't talk...)

I was on my way back to college when my mother calls me... My mother is very well known for being a hypochondriac and she also likes to use her back to make all sorts of excuses. Here's a prime example.

Mother:Honey, didn't you have a laser mouse with your computer?
Me: Yeah, but I'm going to keep that to use with my laptop. I left you guys with the track-n-ball mouse that came with the computer.
Mother:Oh, okay. Well, if you don't use it or give it to one of your friends, may we have it? I think it would be easier on my back.

She wasn't joking either. She was completely serious in that.


Before I gave my parents my desktop, I went ahead and wiped my computer. You know, get rid of programs I'd been using, any spyware that might be on there, etc, etc. Well, other than my mother being positive that I was trying to hide something, she was also positive I was going to break the computer while wiping it. After I had finished wiping it...

Dad:*frustrated tone* You do know that you can only use that reinstall disk a certain amount of times...
Mother:*rushing in all panicked* WHAT!?! HE BROKE THE COMPUTER!?!
Me:...... *thinking* What the hell is wrong with you people?


Then of course there was the RAM situation. My computer had 1GB of RAM because my friend and I were both using it for gaming and such, but since my parents would only be doing basic web surfing and such, I didn't think they'd need it (A friend's computer runs just fine off of 128 MB of RAM and that'd leave them with twice that). I simply asked them if I could have half of the RAM to give to a friend and my mother flipped out. She fussed and ranted for the next 30 minutes and stuff and then said this the next weekend.

Mother: Thank you for being understanding about the computer thing. There's a lot of UFO videos* I'm downloading that they're trying to delete and I want to have plenty of room to store them on.
Me:Wtf?!? RAM has nothing to do with storage space, that's the Hard Drive, I've TOLD you this.

I don't think she's actually downloading, just watching them on youtube and google video... Yeah, she used to call "printing" "downloading" too...


Yeah... She's completely crazy to boot. Example

Last year on Christmas a bunch of my friends came over because that's where we just kind of gathered. The next day I come downstairs and my mother is putting out snacks and left overs while informing me that they're all coming over again. She actually looked up there phone numbers on the caller ID and tracked them all down, and invited them all back over... Needless to say I've erased my friend's numbers from the house phone and they only call my cell phone now...


*She says she saw a UFO when she was younger and is completely obsessed with them. If they show something on TV about UFOs, she's probably already seen it three times...
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
8:51 pm
I just love how my mother listens so well.

M= my mother. craaaazy bitch
D=dad, cool most of the time, just likes to be really controling most of the time.
Du=Dustin, not really important or in the story. He was there so I figured I would mention him somewhere ^_~
J=Me ^_^

M: J, could you please remove your...um.... <i>thing</i> from the back of you computer?
J: *blink*.....I don't have a <i>thing</i> in the back of the computer...
M:I would like it if you would take all your stuff off this computer and put it on your new computer upstairs.
J:*memory click* Oh, my thumbdrive? I'll get it later, it's not hurting anything and doesn't have any affect on the computer.
M:....It's on the right side in the back.
D: *to M* All it does is create an icon, it doesn't do anything to do teh computer
M:*gushes* Oh, ok. THank you hunny <3. Now I understand!

Then my dad decides it's time to pester me about a test that isn't due till Tuesday that I have to take online. Hello, I'm not two. Stop pestering me about it because you really don't have that much control over my life anymore... Time to get over it and move on. You can't always control me, and if you think I'm giong ot let you, You can go jump off some really tall bridge :p

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Saturday, April 9th, 2005
8:25 pm
Hello I'm new I'm 19 and sadly I have to put up with a very hellish Step Mother every now and then. I think the woman is the devil in disguise. I was a hard working girl in highschool, in every club and the honor roll. Definitely a decent kid, I'd have my moments but I was definitely NOT a trouble maker. She soon used me as her target - making me look bad in any way she could. Telling my family I'm sleeping around - when I wasn't and doing drugs - when I've haven't yet and I don't intend to. A lot of it was jealousy. Her kids are trouble makers. Constantly into all the bad things. So in order to I guess give herself confidence she jumped on me. As I got older I don't tolerate her BS. I just wanted to come on here if there's any other kids out there like that, that need someone to talk to about it. Because it's hard thing to go through - working your butt off just to have someone criticize you time and time again. Life is so much better now. Thank God.

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
3:54 pm
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
12:40 pm
A few incidences of sucky parenting..
the first is my pseudo-nephew's mother. I've been in her son's life since he was 3 weeks old (he's nearly two now) and the awfulness of her parenting makes me sick inside because I love that litle boy so much and he deserves so much better. there are way to many things to list but among others, her house is always a pig sty, dirty diapers on the floor etc etc, she feeds him nothing but kraft dinner, makes him stay up til well past midnight so she can go out and is just generally someone who should not be a mom, at least not now.

Probably the stupidest incidence of bad parenting I've seen was while I was at work at a grocery store. I was changing prices down the aisles when I noticed a small (10 weeks not even) baby in a car seat perched a top a buggy with no adult in sight. About five minutes later his or her mother emerged from the bathroom. I mean really, in this day and age how could you be stupid enough to leave your child alone.
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
8:51 pm
Why oh why do people have to smoke around their kids? Don't they realise by the blank staring looks on their kids faces that this makes them stupider? If you are addicted, and I understand an addiction is hard to break, that's no excuse for smoking right next to your child. It should be against the law.

Here in Australia we have a really high rate of asthma ... GEE maybe you should stop smoking round your asthmatic child with the stunted growth??

I went to a parents and babies expo here on the weekend and was disgusted by the people sitting smoking next to their babies in prams & toddlers eating lunch.

I'm teaching my daughter to tell off people who come n smoke near her :P
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:03 am

Right next to where I work we have a half way house for federal and provincial parole's. These fine outstanding citizens come with a garden variety of offences, we have the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers.

It is clear to anyone who shops in our store that there are *cough* problems surrounding our business. First guess would be the people talking to themselves, coming in without pants on, you see it there it is really clear, unless of course you have your head


stuck up your wah wahCollapse )

6:25 am
Welcome to sucky_parents...

Our rules are pretty well outlined in the info.

Let me reitterate... This is NOT a place to complain about the rules your mother and father are imposing on you, the things they ask you do to, etc... This community was created to allow those of us who witness parents doing stupid, mean, and sucky things to their children (or about/because of their children) a place to say the things we wish we could have said in person, and allow the rest of us a bunch of idiots to laugh at.

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