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Hello I'm new I'm 19 and sadly I have to put up with a very hellish Step Mother every now and then. I think the woman is the devil in disguise. I was a hard working girl in highschool, in every club and the honor roll. Definitely a decent kid, I'd have my moments but I was definitely NOT a trouble maker. She soon used me as her target - making me look bad in any way she could. Telling my family I'm sleeping around - when I wasn't and doing drugs - when I've haven't yet and I don't intend to. A lot of it was jealousy. Her kids are trouble makers. Constantly into all the bad things. So in order to I guess give herself confidence she jumped on me. As I got older I don't tolerate her BS. I just wanted to come on here if there's any other kids out there like that, that need someone to talk to about it. Because it's hard thing to go through - working your butt off just to have someone criticize you time and time again. Life is so much better now. Thank God.
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