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Thief in the doors

Tonight I was suddenly struck with the urge to check the place I stashed my Christmas money. I was right. Dad had ransack my room while I was at work and had stolen it. This is after him listening for weeks as I talked about what I was going to buy with any money I was given for Christmas (I'm wanting something that will hopefully make my skills more marketable once I graduate).

He says he'll pay me back next week plus some. I'm trying to remain calm and collected. I know that flying off the handle won't make me feel better.

He's done it before. Please don't respond that I need to move out (I tried and was then used and stolen from by my roommate to the point that I was forced to return) or I should have put it in the bank. I hid the money (and honestly forgot to take it with me to the bank yesterday when I went to deposit my paycheck). But since I've been pulling 10 hr shifts at work during the holiday rush, he's had ample time this week to search my room at leisure.

I can't express how worthless this makes me feel.
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