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Parents Suck

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Welcome to sucky_parents...

Have you ever seen a parent treat their child so badly that you wish a police officer was nearby?
Have you ever seen a parent leave their child in your care, even though that's not your job?
Has your parent ever treated you horridly?
Have you ever just wanted to reach out and punch someone for treating a child that way?
Then this is the place for you.

Feel free to post rants, complaints, and virtual slaps about sucky parents.

1) People will complain. If you recognize yourself, or your child posting, then please talk them them, not us.
2) This is NOT a community to complain about every little thing your mother or father make you do, or every little punishment they give you. It's possible you deserved the punishment, and if your parents ask you to do something you should at least try to do it if it doesn't put you in danger. Most of the time, they will know best.
3) Please lj-cut for length and language.
4) Do not bug the maintainer in his personal journal, if you need him, please e-mail him.
5) Please keep the drama and trolling to a minimum.