Meg (latwigg) wrote in sucky_parents,

A few incidences of sucky parenting..

the first is my pseudo-nephew's mother. I've been in her son's life since he was 3 weeks old (he's nearly two now) and the awfulness of her parenting makes me sick inside because I love that litle boy so much and he deserves so much better. there are way to many things to list but among others, her house is always a pig sty, dirty diapers on the floor etc etc, she feeds him nothing but kraft dinner, makes him stay up til well past midnight so she can go out and is just generally someone who should not be a mom, at least not now.

Probably the stupidest incidence of bad parenting I've seen was while I was at work at a grocery store. I was changing prices down the aisles when I noticed a small (10 weeks not even) baby in a car seat perched a top a buggy with no adult in sight. About five minutes later his or her mother emerged from the bathroom. I mean really, in this day and age how could you be stupid enough to leave your child alone.
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