she crazy (c0ffee_breath) wrote in sucky_parents,
she crazy

mother dearest.

The few days ago my mother called me while I was at the park with my friend. She called to curse me out because I had accidentally put her sweaters in the dryer and they shrank. She started saying, "You did that on fucking purpose! Fuck you, Stephanie! FUCK YOU!" and then she hung up. A few days later, yesterday morning, I went to take a shower (a cold one because she had taken all the hot water) I got out and went to put on some pajama pants and noticed they had been torn up. I asked my mom about it, and she said since I had ruined her clothes she ruined mine. I told her she was psycho and immature and went on with my life. I got into my room and decided I would wear my favorite shirt today. I picked it up and noticed it had also been ripped to shreds. I broke down and started crying and ended up crying in my first period class because I was so upset about it. I told my teacher what had happened and ended up telling him other things my mom had down throughtout my entire life. He told me that my mom had been mentally abusing me and I should speak to my consoler and get my mom some help.

Basically my entire life my mom has been saying horrible things to me. She stopped hitting me when was younger, but she's always said horrible things to me about everything. She'll tell me she'll like my friends or my cousins more than she likes me. She randomly tells me I'm fat and I should go on a diet. When I was younger I tried to kill myself and she was so pissed of at me she didn't even come to see me at the hospital. She's a horrible parent.


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Oh my! She needs some serious help and you need to get out of there! Do you have any family you can stay with?
No, my dad lives out of town, but I'm turning 18 in 2 months and I plan on living with a friend hopefully. My friend said that his mom would let me live with them if it got really bad.
Thats good.