Homo Girl (homogirl) wrote in sucky_parents,
Homo Girl

Right next to where I work we have a half way house for federal and provincial parole's. These fine outstanding citizens come with a garden variety of offences, we have the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers.

It is clear to anyone who shops in our store that there are *cough* problems surrounding our business. First guess would be the people talking to themselves, coming in without pants on, you see it there it is really clear, unless of course you have your head


So, when  you bring in your child it is really important that you hold onto their wrists at all times, or stick them in a shopping cart, or watch them like a hawk.

We have a lot of customers who don't seem to "get" that it is unwise to leave their children alone to play in the "toy section". The toy section is about 20 feet away from the door and about a three minute drive to a major street that will enable you to whip out of the city within about 5 minutes. There are secluded parks close by , little hidden alleys and lots of other places that the big bad men can take these young rascals and rape and kill them for their afternoon fun.

So, I go up to parents on a regular basis and quietly whisper to them that there is a halfway house for federal and provincial offenders. Usually their eyes get wider than flying saucers and Johnny is now being held on to by the wrist.

A while back I went up to one woman whose little Johnny (blond hair, blue eyes, cute little cherub the kind of child that the average pedophile would consider an afternoon gourmet snack)was happily playing alone in the toy section while woman with her head up her ass was shopping way on the other side of the store that we indeed have a halfway house next store, there are weally weally bad men living there and it would be a much better idea to have little Johnny attached to her wrist.

So the person who shouldn't be allowed to breed response?

1. She was a Christian

2. Her child would always be protected by Jesus .

3. Jesus would never let her child be hurt, so she wasn't worried about Johnny playing alone.

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